CIRP study on the resistance of hydrogen water to ionizing radiation damage

CIRP research team made significant progress in the resistance of hydrogen water to ionizing radiation damage. For the first time, it has been found that the combination of hydrogen water and amifostine can bring better anti-radiation effects than using them alone.

Nowadays, nuclear technology has been widely used in fields including industry, agriculture, medicine, environmental protection, etc. While it brings huge benefits to humanity, there exist risks of radiation damage. In recent years, hydrogen, as a protective agent for radiation damage that is able to clear free radicals, has attracted widespread attention from scholars both domestically and internationally due to its high efficiency, low toxicity, and significant improvement effect of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury.

CIRP research team conducted a systematic study on the protection effect of hydrogen water to radiation damage by taking advantage of its features of non toxicity, no residue, convenient preparation, low price, and toxic side effects. Experimental animals including mice, rats, and Beagle dogs were chosen to evaluate their 30 days’ survival condition, weight, hematology, serum biochemical indicators, antioxidant indicators, apoptosis rate, 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine, testosterone, as well as ethology, so as to study the protective effect of hydrogen water on the survival time of animals after irradiation, as well as the radiation damage to the blood, reproductive, and nervous systems. It is proved that hydrogen water has obvious anti-radiation damage effect.

Currently, CIRP team has, combined with research methods of genomics and metabolomics, conducted further research on the mechanism of the anti-radiation damage effect of hydrogen water based on previous experimental results. The results indicate that hydrogen water is able to improve cognitive impairment caused by ionizing radiation, and its mechanism mainly involves antioxidation and anti-inflammation effects, as well as regulating the BDNF-TrkB signal pathway to exert a protective effect on neurons. Hydrogen water is also possible to reduce cell death by affecting the PI3K/AKT/Caspase-9 pathway. The team will continue to explore the radiation protection effects and mechanisms of hydrogen water, aiming to provide safe and effective protective measures for the health of nuclear industry workers.


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