Microwave Drying Technology Applied in Qinshan Nuclear Power Plants

In a recent development, the Department of Radioactive Waste Management, CIRP has reached a contract collaboration for the slurry and concentrated waste microwave drying treatment with Qinshan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and Nuclear Power Qinshan Joint Venture Co., Ltd. This marks the inaugural application of the CIRP’s radioactive wet waste microwave drying technology in nuclear power plants, signifying another step forward enhancing comprehensive management of radioactive waste and promoting waste minimization efforts.

The radioactive slurry and concentrated liquids primarily originate from the operation and maintenance processes of nuclear power plants. They are characterized by complex chemical compositions and high moisture content, posing challenges for conventional techniques such as cement solidification, which often yield unsatisfactory results, unstable solidification performance, inadequate storage capacity, and poor storage safety. With the continuous enhancement of requirements for minimizing radioactive waste, reduction and stabilization treatment have emerged as new development trends.

Over the years, the CIRP has established a comprehensive management system for microwave drying treatment of radioactive wet waste and grouting fixation of dried products. They have pioneered a route towards volume reduction, safety, and efficiency, independently developed a series of technical achievements including radioactive wet waste microwave drying equipment, radioactive wet technical waste belt drying stations, radioactive biological waste microwave treatment equipment, and radioactive resin microwave ashing equipment. These innovations have facilitated the “liquid-to-solid” transformation and stabilization of such waste streams, achieving volume reduction ratios ranging from 2.0 to 6.0. These achievements have been widely recognized in the industry, receiving multiple awards at ministry or provincial level.


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