Neutron related Equipment

The Radioactivity Measurement Laboratory of CIRPTC currently has 14 sets of standard measuring equipment, which are divided into three categories

CIRPTC performs on-site non-destructive measurement of radiation source terms deposited inside nuclear facilities, equipment and pipelines to obtain information such

CIRP conducts on-site hotspot shielding design and development of modular shielding devices. Starting with source term information survey, CIRP provides

CIRPTC, based on the industrial digital technology, transforms and develops digital radiation monitor to collect various radiation monitoring data. In

The CIRPTC Platform for Preclinical R&D and Transformation of Radiopharmaceutical, approved by China Atomic Energy Agency (CAEA) as the CAEA

01   Design, simulation analysis, experimental verification and safety assessment of radioactive material transport container CIRPTC is outfitted with 130-ton level

Within the framework of the National Nuclear Emergency Radiation Protection Technical Support Center, the National On-Site Radiation Protection Technical Support

The radiation monitoring capability of CIRPTC has passed the national CMA certification, CNAS laboratory accreditation and DILAC accreditation, and the

01 Simulation of migration and diffusion of radionuclides in atmospheric environment 02 Simulation of dilution and diffusion of liquid effluents

As the only domestic institution that can conduct field tests of iodine adsorber and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters

Since undertaking the maintenance project of the radiation monitoring system for the phase II of Qinshan NPP Project, CIRPTC has


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